Social Media Management

Essential for entrepreneurs, professionals, and growing businesses who want to stay active and create interest on social media platforms.

We plan, create, post, and manage your business content on social media platforms. You must engage with interested followers and reply to messages and comments.

Pricing & Feature Set

We make it easy for you to compare and pick Social Media plan that fit your business goals

Setup Fee
Post Every
Weekly Video Posts
Blogs Posts
Customer Support
Account Manager
5 days
3 days
Email, Chat
7 days
2 days
Email, Chat, Phone
7-10 days
Every Day
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Contact Us
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you create social media profiles for me?

Yes, we can create social media profiles for you. We will need some information from you first, such as your name, business name, business website, and any other relevant information. Once we have that, we can get started on creating your profiles.

Why do you charge Setup Fee?

Our setup fees help to cover the costs of getting your account set up and configured, as well as any customization or integration work that may need to be done. Our setup fees ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality service possible.

Can I promote or boost my posts?

Yes, you can promote or boost your posts on social media yourself or you can let us manage it for you with our Paid Advertising services.

What type of social media posts do you create?

The type of social media posts we create varies depending on the platform and the purpose of the post for your target audience. We create posts based on, not limited to, your industry insights and statistics, customer reviews, blog posts, and product/service features.

Can I send you ideas, images and videos for my posts?

Yes, you can send me ideas, images, and videos for your posts. Keep in mind, however, that we cannot guarantee that we will use every idea sent to us.

Can I review the posts before you post them?

Yes, you can review the posts on our dashboard and, we provide one monthly revision for Professional and Business plans.


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