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Create a new global online classifieds platform with us

Welcome to Myadcenter, where we believe in uniting local online classifieds into one global platform. Myadcenter is a platform that allows businesses to advertise, share and exchange goods and services. If you are interested in making this world a better place by reducing waste and connecting people to products and services that they need most, then speak to us about our internship positions.

At Myadcenter, we pride ourselves on having a unique culture and this is why we have a successful and reliable reputation. We serve over 1,000 customers by assisting them with a wide range of services, from content creation to ad posting solutions.

Although our vision is to become a global online classifieds network, our current focus is on providing ad management services to clients who specifically use Kijiji. We help customers reach their goals by improving the efficiency of their ad distribution.

While working on our team, you will gain practical skills and experience across several functions, from design and development to implementation and testing of software applications. We offer both full-time and part-time positions.





    Full-Stack Developer Intern

    Internship (Remote)

    Full-Time, Part-Time

    February 20, 2022