Are you a busy entrepreneur who has many ideas on how to make more money with your business but does not have the time or the right people to make it a reality?

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Here are the top reasons why most Entrepreneur and how DFYMS can save them from failure

Low sales and inability to generate enoguh incoem to stay in business
Lack of marketing, advertising and sales know-how to position offer
Inability to deliver product/service to the market within reasionable time


Ad Posting Service for Kijiji:

#1 Digital Classifieds Marketplace in Canada

We know that posting on Kijiji requires a lot of time especially when you repost multiple listings. Kijiji adds great lead generation capabilities to any business, so do not miss the opportunity.

Whether you post product or service listings, our ad posting service for Kijiji will free up your time and resources that you did not have before.

We have developed an ad posting service tailored for Kijiji ads to solve all your ad posting challenges and skyrocket your sales.

⭐️  Post your free or paid ad on major marketplaces

⭐️  Schedule your ads with our Smart scheduling tools

⭐️  Import and cross create ads for multiple platforms

⭐️  Track your ads performance with analytics

⭐️  Import your ads from Amazon or WordPress

We post in the major digital classifieds marketplaces in Canada and US


Ad Posting Services for Kijiji


Ad Posting Services for Kijiji


Ad Posting Services for Kijiji

How our ad posting service for Kijiji works

Posting Services for Kijiji


Import your free and paid listings from Kijiji. Post your ads to Kijiji with a few clicks or schedule them for a daily schedule.

Ad Posting Services


Track views and replies from your ads while they are getting noticed on the top of Kijiji’s first page. Get calls and replies from new customers.

Ad Posting on Kijiji


Repost your ads with a few clicks or a daily schedule. Automate your Kijiji ads with Smart scheduling features unique to Myadcenter.

Post Kijiji ads with AI-driven scheduling tools

Ad Posting Services for Kijiji

Date and Time

Post Kijiji ads using the Date and Time scheduler to repost your ads at a specific time daily, weekly or monthly. Our Date and Time scheduler will skyrocket your sales, free up your time and give you peace of mind.

Ad Posting Services for Kijiji

Page Rank Scheduler

Track page and rank for each Kijiji ad and repost them when they stop generating new calls and replies. Page Rank Scheduler will repost your ads when they fall below the page or rank set in the system.

Why Choose MyAdCenter’s Done-For-You Marketing Services?

Ad Posting Services

No catch—it’s 100% Done-For-You

No templates you install or how-to videos to follow. You sit back while the professionals handle everything.

Ad Posting Services

24/7 Automated Marketing

Our hands-off business marketing solutions run all on their own. You can focus on your business while your system sells for you around the clock.

Ad Posting Services

Increased Business Revenue

A solid marketing strategy and expert execution can help you grow your customer base and boost your profits. Get more revenue for less effort.

Ad Posting Services

Quick Turnaround

Every day you don’t have a high-quality marketing system in place is a day of revenue loss. Don’t waste any more time—we’ll have your new system ready to go in less than 7 business days

Ad Posting Services

100% Moneyback Guarantee

if you’re not satisfied with your project’s performance within 7 days of launch.

Our users get up to 500% more calls and replies as soon as they start posting their ads with us.

Optimize your Kijiji ads for the best performance


Ad Posting Services for Kijiji


Ad Posting Services for Kijiji

We are dedicated to our customer’s success, and, as a part of our ad posting service. We provide ad creation and optimization services. Our professional content writers with help of modern AI will create ads that get you more calls and replies from local customers. This is what we can do for you:

⭐️  Create stunning ad copies that will convert into sales

⭐️  Optimize keywords on ads so they can easily found

⭐️  Update your ads with quality professional images

⭐️  Plan and execute winning ad strategy for you


Ad Posting Services for Kijiji

Results within ten days or your money back

We are so sure about our service that we can guarantee money back if you won’t get any results within 10 days.

It’s easy to start! Create a new account, import your ads and activate one of the Schedulers. No technical knowledge or software download is required.

Ad Posting Services for Kijiji


Create a new account, import and schedule your ads, and we will do the rest for you.

Ad Posting Services for Kijiji


No results in 10 days? We will return your money with a 10-day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your ad posting service work

Our ad posting service will promote your ad when your Kijiji add will fall below a certain page. You also can schedule your ad to be promoted based on time or date.

Can we select posting times for our ads?

You can select an exact time you want your ad to be promoted. Alternatively, you can use our Intelligent Scheduler to manage your posting times for you

Who will pay for our paid or featured ads?

You will pay for your paid and featured ads with a preferred method of payment. You can setup your preferred payment method at our dashboard or directly at classifieds platforms

How many times can we post our ads

We do not have a limit, but you will need to make sure that you won’t violate the limit of your posting account. For example, Kijiji allows 25 posts per day.

Can we post paid or featured ads?

You can post and promote free, paid or featured ads. The paid and featured ads will require a payment for each post

Do we need a Kijiji or Craigslist account?

Yes, our services will require an active account with any of classified platforms. If you don’t have one, you can easily register your new account at their websites.

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Ad Posting Services

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