The pandemic brought devastating impacts to the world, including businesses. It forced them to temporarily or permanently close their doors, significantly reducing customer traffic and sales. 

If local businesses want to survive, they must adapt to new technologies and marketing strategies, including creating a profile on Facebook Marketplace. It’s an ideal platform for local sellers because Facebook boasts a large and growing community. 

However, the marketing process continues beyond setting up a profile and listing your products. We recommend using Facebook Ads to get more eyeballs on your sales. 

This article will provide eight helpful tips to promote your business on Facebook Marketplace. 

1. Select Your Ad Objective 

A successful online shop begins when you identify and set clear objectives for your business. Begin by clicking on the Ads Manager tab to select your goal. 

They offer different objectives: reach, lead generation, increasing store traffic, conversions, and brand awareness. Select your goal and press continue. 

2. Accomplish the Ad Campaign Details

Ad campaigns are sets of advertisements aiming to achieve a clear goal using one message. 

Next, you must fill in your ad campaign details. This step includes encoding your campaign’s name and clicking on the campaign budget optimization. Then, you need to name your ad set and accomplish other essential details depending on your chosen ad objective. 

3. Set a Budget 

Once you’ve decided on your objective and accomplished the ad campaign’s details, you must set a daily or lifetime budget for your marketing strategy. Determine a reasonable amount and identify when to launch your ads and when your campaign should end. 

4. Select Your Target Market and Placement

Besides setting clear goals, you can ensure and improve your marketing strategies when you select a specific target audience. It also helps you make better business decisions and stand out from competitors. 

When selecting your target market, you may choose between an Existing or a New Audience. Next, select Automatic Placements. This option works best if you want to get the most out of your budget and display your ads in high-traffic areas. 

5. Select Your Ad Setup and Creative Format 

Before selecting the appropriate format, you must decide if you want to display your ads on Facebook or Instagram. It’s also worth noting to ensure your marketing materials are creative, concise, and compelling. You can use an image, video, or a carousel to promote your ads.

We recommend adding a headline, a short product description, and a compelling call to action. 

6. Craft Your Messages

Like other successful relationships, clear communication is crucial in establishing meaningful relationships with current and potential buyers. 

Everyone interested in your product will ask you loads of questions. It’s also worth noting that you should be patient while answering their questions professionally and promptly. Moreover, Facebook rewards sellers who effectively interact with customers. 

While it may seem overwhelming, you must learn and master the art of communication. For this reason, you can always use a message template. It allows you to encourage target customers to reach you after selecting the ads. This marketing tool lets you create a customized user experience, generate sales, and start conversations. 

7. Comply with Shipping and Delivery Times

Being a responsible online seller also means shipping and delivering all orders to your customers on time. Otherwise, you could face significant trouble. 

8. Select Your Conversion Tracking and Publish

Lastly, choose your conversion tracking and publish your campaign. Facebook will review and approve your ads before launching them to your target audience. 

Wrapping Up

Online platforms like Facebook Marketplace allow businesses to market their products without physically interacting with current and potential customers. Setting clear goals and optimizing your profile on this platform will enable you to increase your sales. 

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