Thanks to digital platforms, you can now find almost anything you have in mind. Social media giant Facebook continues to brag about nearly three billion active users. It allows you to expand your connections and interact with other buyers and sellers.

However, it can get tricky to stand out in the market, especially since almost everyone you know is probably on Facebook. 

Our previous article discussed what Facebook Marketplace is and its advantages and offered tips on jumpstarting your journey as an online seller. To stand out, you must do more than follow the rules. Today, we’ll provide nine practical tricks to help you become a successful digital entrepreneur. 

1. Do Your Research

Like other marketing strategies, you must take some time to browse Facebook Marketplace about current trends. That way, you can smartly price your products and find ways to set yourself apart from your competitors.

After creating your listing, you must investigate one more time to double-check potential buyers’ profiles. Buyers who only recently joined Facebook or don’t have many friends could indicate possible issues down the road, such as scams. 

2. Use the Right Keywords

You must also avoid generic and vague keywords since you might be competing with other mega-corporations. Your title and description must be as specific as possible to help them see your listing. Ensure that you include information about its brand name, model, colour, storage capacity, condition, style, and type of material.

Using the right keywords can boost your listing’s rankings in the search results. That way, potential buyers can find your listings quickly. 

3. Choose the Right Category

The best way to piss off Facebook and potential buyers are to list your product in the wrong category. It wastes the time of all parties involved. At the same time, listing your product in the wrong category won’t allow the right target audience to see your listing.

4. Your Product’s Photos Must Be Accurate

Not only will high-quality photos help you sell your products faster, but they can also reduce the number of questions you’ll receive about your product. 

Snap your product’s photos, pay attention to lighting, and use a solid white background to correctly capture your products, especially if it’s a second-hand item. You may also take a few more photos from different angles. Ensure to include one or two close-up shots if there are any defects. You want to be honest about its current condition. 

Using stock photos from the manufacturer’s website won’t let your buyers see the actual condition or can risk being fraudulent.

5. Include Dimensions

While photos from different angles may help, the product’s details, such as size and weight, can help your buyers gather accurate dimensions.

6. Adding Shipping Information

Adding a small amount to your price and shipping information is still a good idea, even if you’ll only target buyers in your area.

7. Use A Reliable Electronic Payment Service Or Credit Card

One disadvantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it doesn’t have a built-in payment processor. So the seller must directly organize a payment method with the buyer. Avoid using cash or gift cards, and opt for PayPal to avoid fraudulent claims. 

8. Reassess

If you can’t sell after a week, it’s time to take a few steps back to reassess your pricing and description. You either placed a high price or posted the seasonal product at the wrong time. 

9. Promote in Other Channels

Finally, you can attract more potential buyers on other channels, such as Instagram. Creating a unique brand for your listings will help buyers recognize your listing and style. That way, they’ll be more likely to support you regularly since they know you’re a legitimate seller.

For instance, if you concentrate on appliances, that should be your niche in the Marketplace. Staying consistent can help you control pricing and gain a following on different platforms.

Wrapping Up

Facebook Marketing is a quick and effective way to market your products. You can easily reach several potential customers. However, it’s not enough to abide by the platform’s rules. You must also find a strategy that will set you apart from competitors. 

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