Making use of Kijiji for cars is the easiest way to sell a new car or a used car. Remember that most buyers filter their search results according to price so this can become the most important aspect of a car sale.

Nevertheless, you must determine how much you need to spend before making a good deal. Kijiji Autos Search Tools will show you a variety of similar cars similar to you and will help you estimate how much your new vehicle will be worth.

Find an acceptable balance between fair prices and good prices so you can attract the best buyers. This guide provides seven easy ways to calculate Kijiji asking price.


What do I need to sell my car?

Since potential buyers can contact you directly, be prepared with any documents, or car details required for a smooth operation. While regulations vary from province to province, the most frequent factor is obtaining valid inspection data.

Ensure there are copies of all past inspections of vehicles for sale as long as they are available. The CARFAX report is easy to obtain and reassures potential buyers. Please visit the CarFAX Canada FAQs section for further details.


How do I write an honest and visually appealing description?

Make sure the buyer can easily find everything they need. The top 10 recommend using bullet points to list key information, appealing to buyers with limited attention spans who appreciate shortness of time.

Maintain the car unbiased in all matters. Customers love knowing every information about the car details before a fair price is agreed on.


How to blow the competition away with awesome photos?

When you have to sell a car quickly, you may not have had time to take it for a thorough cleaning. Just use your smartphone if you’ll clean the inside. Learning the best ways for you to shoot a car is not difficult. See this auto photos tutorial if you want to learn how to make amazing images you can visit


Sell your Car at a reasonable price

What is the best price to sell a car on Kijiji autos? Remember that potential buyers use price to narrow their search. It implies that the brand and model of your car aren’t necessarily the most crucial factors.

Make you a fair offer after taking the time to confidently evaluate your car. Vehicle Carfax values are readily available. To help your target audience locate the right buyer strike the right balance between fair pricing and the best offer. The manual is useful for evaluating automotive prices.


How to put a car ad on Kijiji Autos.

Posting an ad on Kijiji autos should be your top priority when you want to sell your car or used cars.

To post an ad on Kijiji autos, the following instructions should be adhered to;

  • Launch the Kijiji Autos app and sign in


  • Choose Sell from the menu at the bottom of the screen.


  • Hit the Create New Ad button on the Sell screen.

  • To begin, select Continue next to Car Details

  • Enter the details about your car. car’s year, rim, and Series are three pieces of information that can only be entered after selecting an entry in one of the categories above, like Make & Model.


  • Press Proceed at the bottom of the screen when you have finished filling out each section with information about your car to advance to the next one.


  • Read the Kijiji autos article on Adding Photos for assistance.


  • You can return to the Add Ad screen by tapping Finish when you’ve completed all the relevant detail fields.


    After that, you can return and change any section you like.

    Tap Post Ad once you’re satisfied with your advertisement.

All it takes is that! Stress-free right?, I know

Your ad will be visible on Kijiji Autos and Kijiji after posting then you are one step from selling your car to a potential buyer.


How do I sell my car In Kijiji Ontario?

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You can advertise your automobile on Kijiji Autos if you’re in Ontario with confidence and find buyers quickly. Using Kijiji Autos’ free private listings, you may promote your car for nothing.

There are three simple methods for making a listing:

Input your vehicle identification number (VIN) so Kijiji can automatically add up to 200+ attributes from our database to your ad, including the year, make, model, and trim.

Give us your car’s year, make, model, and trim, and our inventory will automatically fill the ad with up to 200+ qualities.

If your vehicle is not listed in the catalog, manually enter the essential information.


How to sell my used car on Kijiji autos

You may think selling a brand new car or cars on Kijiji is the only way to get a potential buyer.

You may connect with vehicle buyers and dealers by advertising your car on Kijiji Autos, whether it’s because your car has grown too tiny for your household, you want something more practical than your sports car, or you just want an update for your work vehicle. Utilizing our seller tool, easily create your free advertisement.

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How to buy a car on Kijiji autos.

Kijiji is an amazing platform where you can come in contact with beautiful cars to buy. All you need to do is sign in, search for the vehicle you want to buy then you can chat the advertisement poster so the bill of sale can be reached.

To avoid being scammed, endeavours not to leave the site or platform. Some fraudulent sellers can ask their clients to leave the site to a safe medium or platform where they can ask for money transfers without the buyer seeing the details of the car or vehicles to be sold.

Additionally, you are advised to get detailed information about the car and also go for test drives with the car or vehicles you want to buy. The place and time for the test drives should be discussed by both parties.

Furthermore, the details of the next car should also be included if you want to buy more than one vehicle. You should also test drive the next car carefully to know whether it’s in the right state.


What’s the difference between Kijiji and Kijiji autos?

The sole difference is based on their choices and previous browsing activity, Kijiji Autos provides your customers with a customized experience.

Your listings are displayed on Kijiji in reverse chronological order, with the most recent listings at the top and the oldest ads deeper down the page.




Can I be able to sell my car On Kijiji?

Yes, you can !! With good ads, detailed information about your vehicle, and a fair price you are 90% sure to sell your car on Kijiji autos


Where can I buy cars online in Canada?

A CARFAX Canada report for the listing may be viewed on websites like, Kijiji Autos, and, or one may be requested from the seller. You can also look for vehicles for sale on websites like Craigslist,,, eBay Motors,, and

Nonetheless, I will recommend Kijiji as the safest and best platform to buy and sell your car.



What Canadians appreciate about Kijiji is combined with new, car-specific features in Kijiji Autos to make finding, comparing, and purchasing vehicles even simpler.

You can look through a range of new, used, and registered pre-owned cars in both contemporary and vintage models. Additionally, you will have a choice between advertising placed by both seasoned dealers and individual sellers.

Kijiji Autos has always had the resources you need to locate the ideal car for you in your neighborhood, whether you’re a car aficionado who fully understands what you’re searching for or a less seasoned car shopper.