How to Make Money with Free Stuff Kijiji?

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Kijiji

While many Canadians make thousands of dollars selling their stuff on Kijiji, there are some others who shy away from the platform because they don’t have anything to sell.

Although having personal items to sell is the major way to make money out of Kijiji, there’s also a way to make money out of free stuff on Kijiji.

Everybody loves free things, so in this article, we’ll share just how you can make cool cash when you sell stuff for free on Kijiji, as well as some hot items you can try to exploit this cash method.


How Can You Make Money With Free Stuff on Kijiji?

There are 2 major ways to cash out from stuff that is free on Kijiji. Here’s one:

  • Purchase a free item, and resell it: This is as straightforward as it sounds. Just get one of the stuff another Kijiji user is selling for free, and then sell it for any price you deem fit. Imagine getting a free tv for instance, and then reselling it for $50. Easy money right?
  • Offer a free service, and then promote a product: This method doesn’t bring instant benefits but can be a major source of long-term patronage from customers. Let’s say you offer a free nail trimming/polishing service, and just where you promote a nail polish or nail hardener product to your customer. I bet you 90% of customers will buy that stuff, because of the trust they have in you after enjoying your free service.


As lucrative as reselling free stuff may be, you need a good plan for it to yield good returns.

You don’t want to acquire free items that you don’t need and you don’t end up selling either. And so, it’s best to go for hot items, even when you’re looking for items that are free on Kijiji.

Here, we’ve carefully selected the best free items you can apply this simple Kijiji money-making strategy to, so you don’t end up at a loss.


Free Stuff In Toronto

In this sectio, you will learn how to make money on Kijiji with free stuff you can find in Toronto.


Free Home Renovation Materials

Whether it’s glass, bricks, wood, paint, or wallpapers, home renovation materials are items that sell all year round.

You can get used paint for free and then repackage the paint (put it in a new container or wash the old container and reuse it) and sell it to someone at a reasonable price. You’ll find thousands of home renovation materials in Kijiji.


Free Electronics

From electric cookers to tv sets, refrigerators, or even computers, you’ll find give-away stuff that is free on Kijiji Toronto.

Simply go get any good-looking electronics that you can sell without having to spend on repairs (most free electronics are used stuff with faults), so you can quickly sell. 

If you’re a repair man, you can deal with collecting free damaged appliances, repairing and refurbishing them, and finally selling them to the highest bidder.


Free Apprentice Services (haircuts)

Need customers for your hair salon? Or need someone to help you with your salon without being paid a salary? Take advantage of this free Kijiji service.

It’ll save you the salary you would’ve paid a cleaner or shopkeeper, ss you get a helper, trainee, and errand-boy all in one.


Free Metal Scrap Services

Why pay for the trash when you can get someone on Kijiji to do it for you for absolutely free?

So long as it’s metal and electronic junk, these free metal scrap services will take care of everything. This way, you can save a few bucks.

Another way to make real money out of this is to offer this service yourself. You see there are companies that pay handsomely for metal and electronic junk.

So you can put up an ad on Kijiji offering free metal scrap removal services, after which you sell the scrap to companies at handsome prices.


Free Furniture

Furniture sells a lot in Kijiji. Simply acquire free furniture, refurbish it if necessary, and sell it to the highest bidder. If the piece of furniture is too damaged, you can take it apart, take out the wood inside, and then sell it.


Free Clothing

Get free clothes, wash and iron them, and resell. It’s all about packaging here. You can make decent money from selling used clothes.

Remember that most people font wear clothes for more than a few months: clothes like these are still considered new and would sell for a handsome price after a good laundry service.

Free Stuff in Edmonton

If you live in Edmonton, you have a great opportunit to make money on Kijiji with free stuff.


Free Fountain (!!!)

Who wouldn’t like a water fountain in their home? Items like these are very rarely seen as free on Kijiji, so you should grab one whenever you see it listed. You can quickly resell for a handsome price.


Free Sand Bags

Another stuff you rarely find for free on Kijiji, sandbags can be put to good use in your yard, or sold at a good price to folks who need them.


Lots of Free Couches

From the multiple free couches available, carefully select one that’s still in good condition, add a few finishing touches, and resell. Couches are furniture, and furniture sells fast on Kijiji.


Skilled Trade Instruments

Be it a free hammer, plier, crowbar or saw, you can make money out of it. Simply get the item, do some retouching, and sell it as a mint fairly-used appliance. You can also sell it to scrap if it is beyond repair.


Outdoor Furniture

You can get a bench, hammock, swing, umbrella, and more for free. Each of these items will sell handsomely if repackaged right and advertised right.

If you’re a furniture man, you’re at a great advantage here (you can refurbish or dismantle and re-use the parts for other furniture). Even if you’re not a furniture man, you can simply sell to any furniture man bear you.


Free Stuff in Calgary

Calgary has great free stuff that you can make money with.


Free Kids Stuff

You can get kid water bottles, drink cups, coloring books, strollers, as well as furniture all for free.

Kid stuff is among the hot items on Kijiji, so there’s no way you won’t get these items sold either on Kijiji or anywhere else.

Also, you can just gift these items to your kids (if you have one) and save the extra bucks you would’ve used to purchase them.


Free Outdoor stuff

Outdoor stuff you can get for free on Calgary Kijiji include outdoor plants, outdoor decor items, and outdoor furniture.

Garden rocks, decorative items, sculptures, planters, plant pots, and so much more can be gotten for free. Simply acquire these items and take them home. If you’ll use it, fine.

However, if you’re all about the money you can do a simple rework on the item (maybe cleaning or polishing as the case may be) and put it up for sale.

Remember that you mustn’t resell on Kijiji: a simple garage sale could fetch you the 100 bucks you need for that item.


Free Dirt

Need loam dirt for your garden or yard? Don’t buy it, get it for free from Kijiji. If you know anyone that needs dirt, you can get it from Kijiji, sell it to them, and make profits


Free Moving Supplies

Moving boxes, blankets, and other items that help you move out to a new apartment can all be acquired for free on Kijiji Calgary.

Though these items may not be so high in terms of monetary value, you can still make profits off of them.

All you need to do is find the right customer who needs them (remember to look outside registrations too)


Free Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is some of the most highly valued types of furniture, and giving away these items for free on Kijiji is truly remarkable.

Though most times it’s worn-out leather that makes people want to sell off their leather properties, you can very well restore the leather and resell, or just resell the item as it is to the furniture men.


Free Stuff in Ontario

If you live in Ontario, you can take advantage of free stuff around your area to make really good money.


Free Solar Panels

Solar panels cost as much as $10,000 for installation in Canada. So if someone is giving away their solar panels for free, you shouldn’t waste any time getting them. You can sell those panels for a handsome price, or use them in your home (this reduces the cost of installation).


Free Wood Hockey Sticks

In different shapes, and different sizes, you’ll find hockey sticks being given away for free on Kijiji. Although these kinds of items don’t sell quickly, they can still bring in great profits at the right season.


Free Trailers

As unbelievable as it sounds, you can get a trailer for free on Kijiji. I’m sure you know that a trailer can be a very lucrative source of income. You can hire it out to truck drivers who need it: this is how most trailer owners make money.


Free Brown Paper bags

Of course, paper bags aren’t much of a lucrative item, but still, they could save you when next you go picking groceries. You can also get as many of these used paper bags give them to the recyclers, and get paid for them.



Now you know how to make money with stuff that is free on Kijiji, and understand that most free-item ads don’t last.

Thousands of other people like you are also searching for quality free stuff to buy, and if you’re not fast they’ll beat you to that item you wanted to acquire.

So always act fast when you see hot products listed for free. Also, don’t limit your reselling to Kijiji alone: there are several marketplaces out there, both online and offline. Utilize as many as you can to maximize profits.


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