Kijiji is undoubtedly the largest classified ads website in Canada that allows users to post classified ads based on their respective cities. With Kijiji users can upload pictures, send messages, adjust ads features, and repost old ads The best part of Kijiji is that users can post ads for free on the website, so long as they have a Kijiji account. But what happens when you no longer want to use the Kijiji account you’re presently using, when you want to edit your account information, or when you want to stop using Kijiji altogether? Is it possible to do any of these? Well, yes.


Can I Delete Kijiji Account?

Whether you want to delete your Kijiji account so you can open a new one (because you’re only permitted to have one account), or you want a less-expensive alternative to post ads and sell your products, just know that you can delete Kijiji account easily in no time. This article will teach you how to delete Kijiji account easily, using various methods.


How To Delete Kijiji Account

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Knowing exactly how to delete Kijiji account is one thing most users don’t know. If you’re wondering how to delete Kijiji account, don’t fret. You can easily delete Kijiji accounts in just a few steps. Also, there are different methods you can use to delete Kijiji account, so all you have to do is pick any method that best suits you and follow the steps to delete your account. Here are the different methods.


Method 1: How To Delete Kijiji Account Through Email


The first method to delete a Kijiji account is via a submitted email. This method is extremely simple, however, try not to skip any of the steps or input the wrong personal info/account information else you may find it difficult to delete your account. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, visit the following URL on your phone, laptop, or any other browsing device: This URL is the official URL you can use to contact Kijiji support for any help you may need as regards your Kijiji account.

  • Next, scroll down to the section you see “what can we help you with.” Click on the dropdown menu button with an arrow to select a topic, and select “Others” from the dropdown menu.

  • After selecting “Others” from the dropdown, you’ll have to scroll down more until you see the website button labeled “contact us.” Click on it.

  • Clicking the button will prompt a form to pop up, and in it, you’ll see a box for inputting your Kijiji Ad ID and another box for inputting your message. Take care while you’re on this page, ensure you don’t put the wrong Kijiji account ID. When filling the message box also, go straight to the point. You should state clearly in your message that you want to delete your Kijiji account, and also state why you want your account to be deleted. The message shouldn’t be too long, 50 words are Ok.

  • After typing your message, click on the “next” button you’ll see at the bottom of the website page

  • On the next page, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred method of contact. Kindly choose the ‘submit an email’ option.

  • Done!!!

ALternatIve for Step 1

You can equally use the following URL: after which you click on the “email us” button in the main menu section of the website. From here, you can continue the rest of the aforementioned steps.

Note: After completing the above steps, all you have to do is wait till you get a reply from Kijiji. You should expect a reply within 24 hours, though sometimes it may take longer.

Another important thing you shouldn’t fail to do is to state the exact reason why you want to delete your account. This is because sometimes, users encounter problems and feel that the only way out is to delete a Kijiji account and register a new one; this is not always the case. Sometimes there may be a cheaper solution to that same issue.

For instance, if your problem is poor existing ad performance, or Kijiji repost takes time, or reposted ads do not show at all, be rest assured that other users have this kind of issue from time to time and resolve it without having to delete Kijiji account. Issues with Kijiji ad repost can easily get solved by using a Kijiji reposter. This is just one of the many problems that can be solved without having to delete your account and personal info on the Kijiji website.

And so when submitting your email, if for any reason the support team realizes that you can solve your issue without having to delete your account, they’ll kindly tell you the solution in the reply email. This of course saves you the trouble of opening a new account from scratch on the Kijiji website.


Method 2: How To Delete Kijiji Account Via Live Chat

This method comes in handy when the first method fails. If you don’t get a reply after sending an email to Kijiji (especially if the email was sent over 24 hours ago), you can use this live chat method to contact their support team on the website and get your account deleted. Here are the steps.

  • First, visit the following URL:

  • Next, scroll down to the “what can we help you with” section and select “Other” from the dropdown menu

  • Scroll down and click on contact us”

  • Enter your Kijiji ID and message in the appropriate boxes, just like you did in the first method.

  • Click next

  • Now on the next page that opens, click on live chat. This will begin a live chat session on the website with a Kijiji staff. You can go ahead and ask them to delete your account.

Note: The live chat option may not always work on the Kijiji website because the support team isn’t always online. You can only use this option when the team is online, as will be indicated on the website page. Just so you know, live chat on the Kijiji website is only available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8 am – 11 pm, and on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) from 10 am – 6 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). The EST is the official time zone of Canada, so if you’re outside Canada you can match the corresponding time to the time zone of your present location.

If the live chat is offline, you can contact Kijiji via email (using the steps in method 1), or you can follow this next method.


Method 3: How To Delete Kijiji Account By Contacting High Authority

In this method, you don’t contact Kijiji to delete your account; rather, you contact a high authority website to help you delete your Kijiji account. The high authority website, in this case, is “TRUSTe.” This method involves filling out a form and filing a report with TRUSTe. The authority then handles such file, and they’ll ensure the case is treated appropriately to the satisfaction of the customer. In this case, they’ll ensure that Kijiji deletes your account completely from their website.

However, you should only opt for this method if you have contacted support on the Kijiji website and still weren’t able to delete your account. This is because filling the form on this authority website typically means you’re filing a report against Kijiji for refusing to delete your account. Follow the steps below to use this method.

  • First of all, go to the following URL: This is the official website link of the TRUSTe Feedback and Resolution System filling complaint forms.

  • You’ll see a section tagged “organization you wish to report” and a corresponding box to input the URL of the organization in question. Input the following URL; (note: input exactly as shown don’t add the HTTP).

  • Next, agree to the conditions, and then select your country.

  • Next, click the “complaint type” drop-down menu and select “Remove Personal Info”

  • After that, you’ll see the section tagged “Description Of your issue”. Fill this section thoroughly, taking care to narrate how you contacted Kijiji, and how they failed to do what you asked (in this case, delete your Kijiji account) and left you initially disappointed. Try to be as detailed as possible, and also make sure you don’t make any mistakes in your personal information.

  • Next, you’ll see consequent sections on the website page, asking for further questions concerning the issue you earlier described. Questions like “when did you contact the site about this?” “What was the site’s response?” All you have to do is fill these sections as honestly as possible: They’ll help strengthen your case/report

  • Next, enter your email address and name in the boxes provided. This is what TRUSTe will use to contact you and give you updates regarding your reported issue.

  • Finally, you’ll see the option of asking whether to share your report and contact information with the company or not. In this case, if you click “yes” then details of your report, as well as your account/contact details, will be shared with Kijiji. You can choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But it’s advisable to tick the “yes” box as this will help the authority fight for you better, and resolve your case faster.

After completing the above steps, solve the captcha and click on Submit.

Note that you can fill this form for any other valid reason or issue you encountered on Kijiji or any organization. For instance, if you have any problem with Kijiji ads (whether it’s about a new ad, old ads, newly reposted ads, and so on) and you’ve contacted Kijiji but still your issue hasn’t been resolved, you can file a report to TRUSTe as well, and they’ll make Kijiji sort it out.


After submitting a form with regards to deleting your Kijiji account, you’ll get an automated email acknowledging that your report has been received. Next, the issue will be analyzed to know if it’s something TRUSTe has the authority over. After this, you may be contacted to provide more clarification on the issue.

Finally, TRUSTe will follow up with Kijiji to make sure they delete your account.


How Long Does It Take To Delete My Kijiji Account?

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Now that you’ve learned how to delete a Kijiji account using different methods, you need to know how long it’s going to take for your account to be officially deleted after following the necessary steps.

Here’s what to expect with different methods:

For method 1, when you send messages via email to Kijiji you can expect a reply within 24 hours. So if all goes well with this method, your account should get deleted in 48 hours or less.

For method 2, you can chat with Kijiji live in no time. However, don’t get immediately excited based on the fact that the staff you chatted with life on the Kijiji website promised to delete your account. Remember that they respond to thousands of users on the website chatting from their respective cities every day. So, even though this method assures quick response, it doesn’t guarantee quick deletion of your account. Allow for up to a week before you file a report

For method 3, results may take anywhere from one week to several weeks. This is because it takes TRUSTe 2 – 10 business days to analyze the issue, and it’ll take some more days to follow up with Kijiji to make them resolve the issue.

However, note that all 3 methods are working perfectly.


Things To Note Before Deleting Your Kijiji Account

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Kijiji is one of the best and most popular sites that allows users to post classified ads based on location. So you should know that deleting your account means you’ll no longer be able to upload pictures, post classified ads, or enjoy any of the benefits other users enjoy on the Kijiji website.

This is why you should try to solve the issue with your Kijiji account or classified ads through other available means rather than outrightly deleting your account. Knowing how to delete a Kijiji account without knowing some other helpful troubleshooting tips won’t help you in emergencies. For instance, if you’re unable to edit account information, auto-delete old ads, or you can sign in to your Kijiji account, you can start troubleshooting by upgrading to a recent version of Kijiji (if you’re using the app). However, if you’re sure the app works properly yet these issues persist, and if you don’t use the Kijiji app, our next choice would be to contact Kijiji support.

When contacting Kijiji support, make sure to choose the topic that is related to your issue. It’s no surprise that most users suffer from ad-related issues. You’ll hear complaints like “I can’t use the repost button” or “Repost attempts resulted in half my ads getting deleted” and so on. In truth, most of these repost issues can be resolved with simple software like the Kijiji repost Chrome extension.


What does the Kijiji repost Chrome extension do?

With this browser extension, you don’t need to hit the repost button anymore. You can set up this extension to automatically repost your top ads. It also manages my subscription button so you can manage your subscription plans. With this extension, your ads can be quickly posted back again.

There are other Kijiji ad reposters out there to help you post your ad again once your ad moves down the list due to traffic. However, note that most of them may demand that you pay monthly.


Can I Delete Kijiji Ads Without Deleting Kijiji Account?

Yes, you can delete Kijiji Ads without deleting your account. To do this, simply go to the main menu section, select “My Kijiji” select the and you’d like to delete, and then click the trash can icon to delete your ad.

Note that you can also edit account information without deleting your account.


Final Words

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Knowing how to delete a Kijiji account doesn’t mean you should do it at the slightest issue you encounter. Issues like sign-in problems, people leaving poor reviews on your ads, and repost problems don’t warrant deleting your account. Instead, search for a solution (maybe software) online, or email Kijiji support for help.