Did you know that Kijiji has a Help Desk? Many people don’t, but it’s still there. This article will explain how to reach the Kijiji Help Desk and how they can help you.

If you’re having trouble signing in, browsing, posting new ads or with your account, then the first place to go is the Help desk. They can help users with any technical issues they might be experiencing while using the platform. You will find help and information about Kijiji’s new features when you browse through many other helpful articles.


How to Search Kijiji Help Desk

You may search Kijiji Help Desk and read articles first before you decide to send them a message or get them on the live chat. The first concern is that they have your safety, so that you will find many articles on safety policies. Also, you may find articles on the basics and how to use the platform.

To search the Kijiji help desk, you need to go to their page and enter a few keywords in the search bar. I may be information about Kijiji’s new features or regulations, so ensure that you type “new features” and try to search for that.

The Help Desk is for you to find help and information whether you are looking for safety policies or Kijiji’s new autos experience.


You can search Kijiji Help Desk for many topics. (https://help.kijiji.ca/helpdesk)


What You Can Use the Kijiji’s Help Desk For

There are many issues that Kijiji’s Help Desk can assist you with. You can see below that help with most of what a customer may need :

  • Signing in and out
  • Account access problems
  • Technical issues
  • Can’t reply to ads
  • Uploading pictures and videos
  • Not receiving emails or notifications
  • Pricing or Payment issues
  • Questions about selling or buying with Kijiji
  • Issues with the seller or buyer feedback
  • Problems with banned sellers or buyers

You can learn about Kijiji’s new autos experience by reaching out to the Kijiji autos help desk. Kijiji autos help desk deals with dealers, sellers and buyers within their automotive domain.


How to Contact the Kijiji’s Help Desk

To get in touch with Kijiji’s Help Desk, you can do so in several ways, but the best one is to use the Help Desk feature built into their site.



Getting help from Kijiji’s Help Desk is an easy process. (https://help.kijiji.ca/helpdesk/contact-us)


Live Chat

Kijiji’s Help desk allows connecting with live chat representatives during their hours of operation. You can connect with them about any issues you still need help with. They provide exceptional service for troubleshooting your ads and help you navigate their policies.


Send Message

You can send a message to Kijiji’s support team on the Help Desk. The email form will ask you to enter your name and account and specify the reason for your message. Usually, the Help Desk responds within 24 hours, so if your matter is urgent, we advise you to try live chat.


How to Contact Help Desk by Email?

If the above method to connect with Kijiji’s Help Desk fails to work, you can email Kijiji directly. You can find an email address below for most of your needs:


Kijiji’s help desk is there for you to find help and information. You have learned that there are many ways to get in touch with Kijiji’s Help Desk. We always suggest to search Kijiji’s Help Desk for answers first, but if you cannot find what you need, you can send them a message.