Dude, where is my ad?

This article will review 9 reasons and solutions for fixing delayed ads. If you have experience with Kijiji, skip the first few sections and find out why your ad is not active.

When you’re selling something on Kijiji, you want to ensure that your ad gets as many views as possible in most categories. If you set up your free ad correctly and upload it to Kijiji, your ad should get posted automatically. You can search for your post on Kijiji and see your advertisement active.

In case of a delayed ad, you can click check on your ad link (via ad button) and see your listing as posted. However, when you search for the title of your listing on the site, you don’t find it anywhere. Alternatively, you can check the Inactive section in your My Kijiji menu button.

You can make the correct steps in the posting process. But when you check the ads section, your ad was not posted automatically. Kijiji got your ad removed or delayed.

You edited ads and checked the ad section, but you still have trouble posting. That’s where most people give up on online classifieds. They go to Kijiji Home Screen and exit the site.

Let’s rewind now and look closer at the posting process and why this happened. Keep reading to find out more!


You can see your delayed listing in the Inactive tab. (Image source: Google)

What does “delayed” mean for Kijiji listings?

You got delayed if the word “delayed” appears on any free ad on Kijiji in the Inactive tab. In some cases, Кijiji will not post your ad at all. In other cases, your ad won’t be posted only in a few hours.

Delayed ads are a big problem for power sellers and buyers. Delayed ads can cause serious issues for your business. Let’s look at those reasons and see how you can get your ads going!


What happens when your Kijiji ads are delayed?

First and foremost, you won’t receive any views. You are in trouble because no one will get your ad noticed. That means no link clicks, no sales and no way to get your items selling fast. More click increase visibility on Google. So no searches, no views and no selling.

Delayed ads can also impact your search rankings. When you post a listing, you want to ensure it appears in the top search listings. If it is delayed, your listing won’t even show up.


How to solve delayed ads on Kijiji

You first want to chat with Help Desk or Kijiji Autos and let them know about the problem. Even if you aren’t sure why your free ads are delayed, a Kijiji representative can help figure it out.

Next, you want to make sure you’re following all of Kijiji’s rules and regulations. When you create an ad, you need to ensure that it follows all of Kijiji’s policies. If you don’t, the system will delay your ad.

If you have done all this,  and your ads get delayed, it is time to contact Myadcenter. Our support specialist will analyze your account and offer a solution to solve your delayed ads.


9 Delay reasons and solutions

Delayed ads can result from a number of different issues. Sometimes it is the normal part that your ads get delayed. Let’s look at some of those issues and see what you can do to solve them!

1. Wrong or incorrect category

If your ad is placed in the wrong category or you selected the wrong category when creating your ad, the system will delay your ad. Go back and select the correct category to fix this.

2. Improper or incorrect ad content

You possibly get your ad delayed If you didn’t add any keywords, images, tags, or your keywords are incorrect. Go back into your ad and add the correct content to fix this. For example, you may be posting ads in Buy and Sell ad section that has keywords that describe a service (which should be posted in Service categories).

3. Your account got suspended

The system has automatically suspended your Kijiji account. Contact Kijiji Help Desk to find out the status of your account. Always follow Kijiji’s rules and regulations to ensure your stay out of suspension. Check out our article on what you should NOT do on Kijiji.

5. You posted duplicate ads

Have you posted the same new ad in multiple locations, categories, or ad sections? Your duplicate live ads trigger the system to delay your ads. You can moderate the ad content and try to post again.

6. You reached the category’s posting limit

You posted too many ads in your ad section, and new ads automatically get posted in the Inactive tab. You can remove the old ads or find a different section for your listings.

7. Someone has reported your ad

Kijiji community is strong. If you repost your live ads too often or post incorrect ads, other Kijiji users can report it and get it delayed. Contact the Kijiji Help Desk and chat with them to resolve this issue.

8. Posting from a new account

Your ads may be delayed or deleted if you post from a brand new account. You need to wait for 24 hours and train post again.

9. Your ad description exceeds the character limit

The maximum character limit for ad description is 650 characters. If you go over that limit, your ad may be delayed. You can edit your ad, remove any unnecessary information, and post it again to fix this.


How do I make Kijiji ad active?


First, you will need to find out what’s causing the delayed ads. It would be best to search Kijiji Help Desk or speak with them to get the answer. You will save yourself a ton of time.

You may not have done anything wrong, but it is normal part to reach out to Kijiji support when you experience difficulties with the site. Kijiji has excellent support, and I am sure they will help post your ads.

Also, you may have checked out all reasons and solutions, but your posts still get delayed. Further, the customer service team will abruptly end the chat with you with a generic message, which may mean that your account is permanently banned. If you want to post again, get a new Kijiji account.

why is my kijiji ad delayed

The user’s account got banned, and the Help Desk agent instantly ended the chat. (Image source: Google)

Will I get my listing fee back if my Kijiji ad says delayed?


Yes, Kijiji will refund your listing fee (for feature ads) if you want to remove the delayed listing. I strongly suggest contacting Kijiji support before removing your top ad. Please note that Kijiji won’t reinstate your listing fees in cases if you are:

  • Violating Kijiji policies (illegal pet vendors; illicit advertising of drugs, guns etc.)
  • Abusing, spamming or disrupting user experience on the Kijiji website
  • Your account has been permanently banned after multiple warnings

In some cases, Kijiji may automatically refund your listing fee for delayed or removed ads.



When you create a Kijiji ad, you want to ensure that it goes live right away. If you cannot find your ad on Kijiji,  you’ll want to determine the cause and solve the problem.

Be sure to contact Kijiji and let them know about the issue. Follow Kijiji’s rules and regulations, and ensure your ad doesn’t violate any of them. If you purchase feature ads, ensure that you get your fees back before removing the ad.

Finally, if you need professional advice on posting ads on Kijiji or Kijiji autos, contact Myadcenter without hesitation.