Does the idea of starting your business gives you wings and make your heart beat faster? Then you may have what it takes to become an entrepreneur. There are 25 billionaires in Canada, and the majority of them are self-made.

Just think about the idea of having a net worth equal to the budget of a small country. Of course, becoming a billionaire does not happen overnight, and they all started from the ground and built their empires gradually.

Anyone can start their business if they have the right mindset and right tools to achieve what others considered to be impossible or, at least, not probably. We will not be able to get you the right mindset because it is an entirely personal and individual attribute. But we can provide you with the right toolkit for advertising your business and getting your business off the ground.

There are a few critical areas of your small business you need to consider: your business entry, business scalability and business dependance. We will speak about all of the essential areas from the perspective of advertising services. So hang tight! We will begin now.


Starting your business with your business entry

The business entry idea refers to the complexity of starting your business or getting into your market where your business belongs. Look at these questions and try form your questions to understand that business entry your business belong:

How many plumbing services providers serve my local area? (low entry)
How many pharmaceutical biochemist engineering firms are in my area? (high entry)

You can start a painting business with literally a hundred dollars in your pocket and after a few hours of Youtube DIY under your belt. However, it won’t make you a billionaire overnight because there are hundreds of small businesses just like this one already competing for a piece of the pie. It also will be harder to advertise your service because there are businesses that have more experience, lower prices, or more money for advertising. What do you do then?

Well, you need to find a way to differentiate your advertising approach and find the way that your competitors are not doing it. We offer a posting service for your local classifieds, which is a great way to start advertising your small trade business.

The great benefit is that with really affordable monthly service costs, you will begin receiving immediate results from day one. Also, our system allows you to stay at the top of your competition by using an AI scheduler that follows your ad postings and promote your ads when they start losing exposure to your competitors.

Beat your entry barriers with our advanced technology.


Start your business that you can scale

The business scalability refers to the ability to grow your business into a regional, national or global scale. Ask yourself the questions and try to identify if your business can be scaled:

How many purchases will my local pizza restaurant be getting daily? (low scale)
How many franchise locations do I need to set up to achieve $1,000,000 in sales this year? (large scale)

The scale is all about the traffic and ability to maximize the profits with the numbers of units sold. If you run a pizza restaurant, and your daily norm is 100 pies sold – you won’t get 1,000,000 pizzas sold if you won’t change your business model.

Alternatively, if your website is having 1,000 visitors per month, then it is much easier to scale the number of visitors to 10,000 per month. That’s why Internet businesses are much more scalable than companies with physical locations.

However, you can scale any business if you will put your mind to it. If you are selling goods, then you can start shipping your items to another city, region or country. We can help you to scale your business with our posting services for online classifieds, where we assist you with penetrating new markets at highly competitive costs.

Our system can start posting your ads in different cities or provinces just with a few clicks. We are proud to offer a service that actually saves your operating time and gives your time back to you.



Starting your business with independence in mind

Business independence has a meaning for running your business free from another entity or a larger company. Ask these questions and see if you are running an independent business:

What are the external threats for my new social media platform? (low dependability)

What would happen to my mortgage business if I will lose my FICO license? (high dependability)

The dependability means that your business depends on other companies to operate. Examples of the companies with higher then usual reliability are brokers, intermediaries, repair and service centers, real estate agents, agencies etc. Why is it essential to know how dependable your business?

Because your business will never make as much money as the entity on which you will depend. SEO marketer or Google Ads agency will never be making as much money as Google itself. Also, the dependability draws higher risks and lower stability for your business.

One of the few ways to reduce the dependability is to become a proprietor in your domain. If you are a contractor for an appliance company, grow into an appliance repair company or even an appliance company yourself.

The same applies to real estate agents, brokers and agencies; once you own your domain, you will be able to achieve another level of profits. The billionaires are using precisely this business attribute to earn their status on the market.

Myadcenter allows you to get your small business off the ground and focus on the thing that matters for you. Your business needs your presence and attention. We can take care of your advertising side of the business while you invest your time in building your empire.



Your small business is no different from Apple’s business started in the garage. Your mindset and availability of tools are separating you from others. If you choose to build your business based on business entry, scalability and dependability, you will put you on to the track to success.

With Myadcenter services, you can get your business off the ground and focus on your business needs rather than on managing your ads. All of the billionaires have started from somewhere, so it is your time to make your first step from here. Contact Myadcenter and find out how to get your business off the ground today.