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by | Aug 29, 2019 | Advertising

In this article, we are going to share a few benefits of advertising your real estate ads on Kijiji. As you may know, Kijiji is top online classifieds website in Canada. It allows prospective buyers meet with sellers. Kijiji facilitates an advertising platform for merchandise, vehicles, and real-estate listings. Whether you are advertising rental properties or properties for sale, Kijiji can be a reliable source of never-ending leads at affordable prices. Now we will tell you the benefits that you will receive with Myadcenter and Kijiji real-estate advertising listings.


1. High Volume of Interested, Local, Ready-to-Buy Buyers

Once you have placed your property for sale or rent, you will be able to attract local, interested or ready to buy buyers. We believe that each connection is an opportunity so you can start getting calls or inquiries within first days of the listing. Your buyers will start inquiring the information regarding the property over the phone or via email.

You create a bigger advantage for your property when advertising on Kijiji over other offline classifieds. The number one reason why you should use Kijiji real-estate advertising is that it provides you with a consistent flow of  leads that are affordable price. Essential you will build your own lead generating vehicle with Myadcenter and Kijiji real-estate advertising.


2. Build Your Own Lead Generating Vehicle with Myadcenter

Many realtors are already enjoying the freedom that they have received with Myadcenter. Most of our Kijiji real-estate advertising clients have been paying for extremely expensive leads that lead them to no sales. Now they are getting a flow of new leads from interested buyers, and they are paying a fraction of the costs. Your new leads can build an extensive contact lists that will be profiting you for many years from today.

You can create a real lead generating vehicle for your real-estate business without great time investments. Any successful realtor always busy with clients and does not have available time to spend on building a lead generating vehicle. Same way our realtor customers did not have time to spend on managing ads on Kijiji. That’s how Myadcenter ad management services fully automated their lead generating vehicle on Kijiji.

3. Sustainable and Scalable Results from Myadcenter Ad Posting Service

Our system allows realtors to continuously scale a number of properties that they advertise. When you are managing your ads yourself there will be a point that you cannot handle anymore. Trust us we know. However, in real-estate business, there are many ways to scale your business operation and skyrocket your sales. So why should ad management routine limit you?

Our ad management services will allow you to scale Kijiji real-estate advertising without consuming any of your time from the business. You will be able to send us new properties and our team will be able to get them listed on Kijiji right away. You have sold the property? Myadcenter team will be able to remove the listing from all advertising platforms. We will make sure that your ad always stays within first pages of Real-estate category on Kijiji.



We welcome you to try our 7 day free trial that will allow you see the results for yourself. You will need to register a new Mydacenter account and add you Kijiji account to our system. If you do not have Kijiji account, you can create it here. After your Kijiji account will be synced with Myadcenter, you will be prompted to import the ads from Kijiji. If you do not have ads yet, you can read this article on Kijiji on how to create compelling Real-estate ad or you can read our article on how to make any ad effective.

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