This article will discuss how to write a good ad copy for Facebook, Kijiji or Craigslist. Ideally, we want you to have a killer ad copy that will appeal to all of your customers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to appeal to all customers with one ad copy. We were hoping you could think about your target customers and relate your ad copy to their potential needs. However, we will talk about the description section of your ad in this article. Let’s get started!


“What should I write in my ad?” and TUFA.


This is a question that we have been getting a lot. Let us ask you: “What would you tell your friends about your day ?” You probably tell them about the highlights of your day. You will mention some of the good and bad things that happen to you.

First of all, storytelling is what we do every day. So I believe that you can write a fantastic story (ad copy) with your skills.

Now when you think about writing an ad, you need to remember about ad copy elements—this time. We want to discuss a simple yet effective AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) model.

Because this acronym is used so many times, it is time to learn something new! We will introduce an alternative concept of TUFA (Them, Us, Fit, Action).

Lastly, your ad copy will have a flow, yet your article should make a clear call to action. Let’s review our THEM section in our mission on how to write a good ad copy for Facebook, Kijiji or Craigslist.


THEM – (T)


First of all, this is your opener, the part where you need to make your first impression. The goal of the opener is to make a great impression within a short time. That’s why your ad title, ad images, and the format of your ad description are critical at this stage. A customer can be turned away easily if your ad has too much text or too little.

Also, your ad needs to have high-quality, attractive images and nicely formatted text in the description. Therefore, it is the first and general requirement for first looks.

You need to persuade your customer to continue reading your ad. An opener that can tell the customer about them will do the job. If can share a few of their issues, challenges, or preferences that you know they have. You can alternatively talk about solutions they are looking for.

Once you speak about them, you will instantly earn the reader’s trust. You can feel free to use questions at the beginning of your ad or write a few statements. For example, you can start your ad with questions like these: 

  • Are you tired of copying and pasting your ads on online classifieds?
  • Don’t you think you have better things to take care of than posting your craigslist ads?
  • What would you do if you could get more exposure and sales from online classifieds?


How to style your ad: Bullet lists vs Paragraph text

Alternatively, you can compose a paragraph about facts or known pains of your existing or potential customers. You can start your opener with a statement like this:

“Myadcenter has been providing posting services to businesses who are tired of spending time on copying and pasting their online classifieds.


Many businesses like yours have been looking for a professional service that can help them manage online classifieds.

If you are looking for a reliable ad posting service, you will find that Myadcenter may be your best option.”

Your ad opener has to spark your customers’ desire to read further. Further, they read – more changes you will have to get qualified as a company of their choice. This is why we will be providing more information on your company and offering in our next section – US.

You are getting one step closer to writing a good ad copy for Facebook, Kijiji or Craigslist. Keep on reading!


US – (U)

Second, in the US section, your customers will learn more about your offering, and you will help them qualify your offering. In addition, we want to mention only things about your offering that will matter to them.

You can list all the awesome things about your business, but your customer won’t be able to qualify you. Your customers have their qualification list. That’s why it is essential to know what concern your customer. 

In general, we hear the customers’ concerns in the form of objections.

So first, go back to your recent conversations with customers. What concerns, objectives, or questions did they ask you? It can be that your price is too high, so you need. So it would help if you justified why you are charging a premium price.

If your customer asks about security, you need to address security concerns. Your customer may ask you about the quality, so please be kind and share with them on quality of your products.

The goal of the US section is to provide related information about your offering to address their concerns. So you can streak on the qualification list and become their business of choice. An example of the “US” section can be something like this: 

  • We have helped 1000s of businesses to manage their Kijiji ads since 2014.
  • Contact our support via phone, chat, text messaging or email 24/7
  • Our system guarantees that your account will stay compliant at all times
  • Schedule your ads for the exact date and time, or use our automatic AI scheduler
  • We provide keyword optimization, or we can write your ads for you

Bullet lists vs In-line text

We want you to avoid making a popular formatting mistake. Stay away from the plain in-line text. In contrast, you can separate in-line text with emojis to add a list-like experience.

Insured over 10M, 2-year warranty, professional staff, great customer service, over 20 years of drywall installation experience, 5 day installation, and free delivery and so on

You can see that the bullet list example is much easier to read than the in-line section. We always find that many businesses do not pay enough attention to this. Please note that it is essential to format your ads for easy reading.



In the FIT section, you will explain what benefits of your offering. The section must portray the benefits that customers will receive if they decide to go with you. Ideally, you want to address your unique selling proposition. Also, you won’t mention the benefits that only you can provide delivery. We can write benefits statements as if they have already become your customers. That’s why we recommend thinking about the experiences of your existing customers. Here are some examples:

“We have been serving Canadian businesses over 5 years now. Since our inception, we were able to improve online exposure for 1000s of business. Our customer retention rate is over 95% because we strive to provide real results every day. This is what our customers have experienced with us:

  • Improved results from online exposure by over 500%
  • They the reduced time they spend on manual ad management by 95%
  • Improved their advertising content and obtained larger customers
  • Expanded into new geographical markets
  • Gained a higher sales growth rate – compared to years before us.”

You can see that we have combined a paragraph and a bullet list. I have intentionally written that way to separate the US and FIT sections. You want the ad to flow naturally and be readable. So It is crucial to maintain text to white space balance at all times. We also recommend sharing quantifiable benefits, stats or facts in this section, especially if you are writing to a business audience.



Now the final part of your ad copy – a Call to ACTION. It is essential to request an action that will suit your potential customer. You may ask for a call, email or text message at the end of your online classifieds ad. You may incentify an action by a SPECIAL offer or discounted price.

The special offers can include: huge sale, discount, free stuff and no charge for a delivery or installation.

We come across many ads where users list business information at the bottom of ads. But it is also a great idea to place a phone number in the ad title or within the first few sentences of ads. We find that some prospects may call your number when they see it in your ad title.


Call for Action with Contact Information

We also recommend that you use action words with your contact information. You may list your website address:

 “Website: or you can ask for action: “Visit our website:

You can be extremely busy and won’t answer the phone, so do not ask me to call you. Ask for texting or emailing actions. Alternatively, your prospects may prefer calling, so you should not ask them to email you instead. You need to choose a Call to Action that your audience preffers.

If your business offers a free trials or you offer free stuff, it is important to stress your free offer in Call to Action. Here is an example of a call to action:

“We value our customer satisfaction and strive for excellent customer service. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-686-7866 if you will have any questions regarding our services.

You can get a free 7 day trial and start growing your business today, go to to register for a free trial.

Call us for more information: 1-888-676-7866

Read more about advertising online:

See what other businesses say about us: “

You can see that we provided a few options to contact us. We have learned that our customers prefer to contact us via phone, website and social media. Therefore, we are providing all three options to our audience. Gauge your existing customer’s preferences and request only convenient Call to Actions.


Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed the article and learned something new today. You can start using strategies from this article today and start getting new outcomes from your ads. If you will use TUFA model for writing your existing ads, you will see instant results.

Congrats, now you have a better understanding on how to write a good ad copy for Facebook, Kijiji or Craigslist.

You may contact us at if you will require our help with writing your ads. Alternative, you can comment on this article or connect with us on social media. We will be happy to hear your feedback. If you did find this article helpful, please share it with people who you will benefit from it.