Direct Benefits of Ad Management Services for Kijiji ads from Myadcenter

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Ad Management

We are coming close to our 5th annual celebration since our inception. We are strongly convinced that we have been providing real value to all of our customers. Our client base has growth exponentially and continues to grow every day. We do not spend much on advertising for our ad management services for Kijiji ads. So what’s attracting new customers every month? We believe that we can provide value and benefits to our customers. We believe that our growth is a direct result of providing true benefits to our clients. Today we wanted to speak about what the benefits we can provide to a business.


1. Streamlining your advertising on Kijiji at lower costs

Our ad management services allow businesses to outsource all tactical tasks related to advertising on Kijiji. It means that businesses don’t have to worry about posting, distributing, monitoring and enforce compliance of Kijiji ads. Our team is taking care of distribution of the ads to the target locations and promoting ads on specific times. We also provide the peace of mind when it comes to making sure that your ads are up at all times.


We truly believe in strong quality assurance and have processes to ensure that your ads have the highest up-time. Lastly, we make sure that your ads are not breaking any rules on Kijiji. Cutting corners on Kijiji is absolutely unnecessary. Such strategies usually produce lesser results. One of the benefits of our ad management services for Kijiji ads is the complete streamlining of your advertising on Kijiji. 

Direct Benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Leverage our team’s support and experience
  • Promote your ad to more people in more places
  • Create a consistent and reliable advertising method.


2. Reallocate up to 95% of your free time to things that matter

It is a pleasant feeling when you do not need to spend your time on things that don’t really matter. We mean things like copying and pasting your ads every morning. Rather you can start returning calls to your potential customers or do what really matters. Our team has been successful in completely managing our client’s ads for them. You may need to send us a new copy of an ad or call us regarding a few changes – but that’s it. Once your account has been set up and your ad campaign was set up. Your business just recovered 95% of the time from useless copying and pasting.

Also, we have seen clients who really needed help with their ad content. Some claimed that they need to repost their ads many times per day. When what they really needed was to create more attractive ad copy. If this is also your case, we welcome you to contact Myadcenter and inquire about our ad writing services. At the end of the day, we want to you to take care of what matter the most – you and your business. If you spend more than 5 minutes per day on posting your ads on Kijiji, click here to get 7 day free trial with Myadcenter.


3. Intelligent scheduling that keep you exposed at all times

Our intelligent scheduling system allows business to get highest exposure possible. It is important that your ad stays within first few pages before it loses the call back rate. Our system can be programmed to promote your ad at a specific time. Your ad will be promoted to the first page at that specific time. If you find that most customers call after dinner, you can set your ad to be promoted after 6PM. You can set up the scheduler to continue promoting your ad daily or on specific days.


Alternative to date and time scheduling is Page scheduling. Our intelligent scheduling system will promote your ad once it falls below a certain page. Why promote free ad or bump up a paid ad if it is still on its prime exposure position. The Page scheduling system will track your ad and promote your ad when it will fall out from its exposure. It is a truly cost saving tool for paid ad users or users who advertise in paid categories. We know that finding the right tool to grow your business is not easy. That’s why we offer you to try Myadcenter for 7 days at no charge.


4. Leverage expertise and resources of our team

Since our inception we have been focused on providing personalized customer care. In 2016, we have started MyCare which now governs all customer service engagement. Our support guidelines are aimed at providing you with real value. You can contact our support through various means like phone, chat, and text messaging or social media. Our support agents are trained to be able to resolve any issues within first call.

Additionally, you can ask for a marketing advice, suggestion for a strategy, or verify the compliance of your ads with MyCare. You can also get a Keyword Optimization service for one of your ad at no charge. The keyword optimization service will help your ad get more exposure. We believe that great customer care is essential for a successful partnership. If you are not a computer person or marketing just is not your thing, get 7 day free trial and make our team – your team.


We hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have had any questions about our ad management services for Kijiji ads, please feel free to send them to . Alternatively, you can find more ways to contact us at If you are not yet advertising with Myadcenter, we welcome you to try our 7 day free trial that you also can find here:



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