We have heard this question since our inception in 2014: “When is the Best Time to Post Ads on Kijiji?”. It is truly a good question if you ever scheduled content for later posting.

The timing does play a massive role in how many people you will reach. Perfect timing can depend on a time of the day, a day of the week,  and even a month.

Your audience’s preferred timing can be different from other businesses. So what makes this question a tricky one? In this article, we will share our first-hand experience on this topic.


Know your customer’s timing


You need to think about your customer’s situation. You can approximately foresee the time of the day they can go online to search for your service/ product. Of course, in many cases, your customer can go online anytime. But keeping your ad on the first page of the category can be frustrating.

Just now, think about your customer. Do they have a job? She works from 9 am to 5 pm like most people do. Now you can assume that she will search for your ad during her break or after lunch. Try setting our posting time with our scheduler to promote your ad before that time.

A similar strategy works for days of the week. Promote your ad closer to the weekend if your customer needs your product or service on the weekend. Alternatively, you can promote your ads on Monday or Tuesday if you provide exclusively to businesses. It would help if you experimented with timing to find your best time to post on ads on Kijiji.


Stay on the first page of search results.


You would get frustrated fast if you decided to stay on the first page of a category. To keep up with your competition, you would need to bump up your ad every 5-10 minutes. 

What you need to know is that most users will search for keywords. You don’t need statistics or a fact book to believe in that, do you?

So rather than competing with hundreds of posts in the category, we suggest that you become first in your keyword search.

Of course, it is not possible to stay first in your category at all times. But you can stay within the top posts of your keyword search. And that will guarantee you more exposure.

You can search for your product or service keyword to see how often you need to promote your ad. You can check how often the top 5 ads are being posted. You are left to do your math and set up our scheduler with your best time to post ads on Kijiji.

Some keywords are busier than others, so what do you do if your keyword is generic? You can add a distinct feature that will highlight your offer’s strength.

For example, instead of “plumber,” you can use “kitchen plumber” or “24/7 plumber”. You can read more on keywords in our articles.


Let your ad mature on later pages.


One of the strategies is to mature your ad so the customers who browse can find it on later pages. Users ask: “How long do Kijiji ads stay up? “. The answer is that Kijiji ads stay active for 30 to 60 days from when users post them. It works if you sell high-margin products or services.

The customers for high-margin products/services need to browse before they buy. They will assess your business and offer, and only then will they make their buying decision. They may compare your ad to other offers many times. So it is essential to let your ad stay on later pages without reposting it.

We recommend promoting your ad with Bump ups. It will bring it to the first page without removing it. Because more extended your stays without reposting more Views and Replies it gets.

Some customers may think that higher views or replies to your ads are indicators of interest. But I doubt that they will make their decision based on that alone.

You can set our intelligent scheduler for only a single post per week. Alternatively, you can set Page Scheduler to promote the ad once it reaches page 30. Try this strategy and let us know how it worked for you.


Finding Your Best Time to Post Your Ads on Kijiji


We hope you enjoyed our article and you are excited to try these new strategies. As you can see, there is no direct answer to the question: “What is the Best Time to Post Ads on Kijiji?”. We had users who tried to telephone Kijiji to ask this question. The answer is it depends on your customer’s timing. 

If you want to share your experience with us or provide us with your feedback, please feel free to leave us comments. Otherwise, connect with us on social media and share this article with people about who you care.