Your ad is a medium of communication between your offer and your customer. If your ad does not make a favourable impression, a customer will move on to another ad. In event, you ad stands out from other ads, higher number of potential customers will choose your ad over others. So how do we make your ad stand out from the crowd and attract more customers?

What’s the point of your ad’s value proposition if your audience cannot see it? In order to attract more customers, your ad needs to draw attention with attractive images. That’s right; your ad images must be especially attractive and exciting. Your customers are expecting to purchase from the top rank business. The top rank businesses use high quality, eye-satisfying, images of their products or services.  So how do you choose the right images for your business?



First of all, you need to find images that show your product or service in a professional manner. If you are selling smart phones then you have a wide range of professional images of devices from Apple and Samsung. The large companies spend thousands of dollars to perfect their images. They know that high quality images look attractive and appeal to the customers. Try using professional images and see results for yourself. If you are providing a painting service, you can search for professional images in design magazines. There is nothing wrong with showing someone else’s images of a product or service that you also can provide. Warning: You need to get a consent from the photographer or search for copyright free images on Google.



Now you have the idea of what images you are going to use. Next step is to optimise quality and size of your images. The quality of your images must be as high as possible. This means no pixels on the image, no watermarks, and of course no copyrighting warnings. Never use an image with another business tag on it. Unless it is a paint supplier or a brochure of Samsung phone. If you have a picture with a logo on it and you want to remove the logo. You can use photo editing tool or even Windows Paint to crop the image. The size of actual image does make a difference. It is important to display image that the customer will not be required to examine with a microscope. If your ad image is too large, you may not be able to upload it to Kijiji due to a file size limit.  If you spend few minutes on each picture, you will be able to find a perfect balance between image quality and size.



Lastly, you may want to use your own images or photos. It is great idea to create images of your work or products by yourself. But you still need to know how to make them look professional. You will need to process your images. You can read a lot about image processing from Google. We will post another blog post on processing secrets a bit later. Ideally, you want to take your pictures on a camera (not your smart phone). Your scene should have soft natural lighting. If you sell things, then you can build or buy a light box. Making great product pictures is a valuable skill to have for online commerce. And it is not that hard to learn. Essentially, you need your images to be nicer then your competitions. On the final note, when you provide services, you want to show a final look of your project. It is highly important to clean up any debris and remove all your tool from the site. Remember, never include “work in process” images of the project with people in it.



Once your images are ready to be uploaded to your ad, you need to find a perfect order. The order of your images will start from the main image and. The main image must show a perfect product or service for your target customer. The images order must tell your story. Your images should take your potential customer on a journey. The “happy ever after” of the journey should end in a strong call for action. You may create a final image with your contact information or add a discount coupon. Nevertheless, it will look different than the rest of your competition.


It is important to ask yourself if you would buy a product or service that you sell. More importantly, you need to see that your ad looks professional and appealing. You will be surprised to learn that most businesses on Kijiji are not spending enough time on creating their ad content. Take advantage of the opportunity, make your business to stand out.


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