What You Should NOT DO on Kijiji

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Ad Management

Since its inception, Kijiji ( kijiji.ca ) has been Canada’s largest advertising platform for online classifieds. Every 3rd Canadian has an ad on Kijiji, and over 2,000,000 ads are posted there every month.

Why does Kijiji have such tremendous popularity? Simply because it works, it does what it is supposed to do – it connects sellers and buyers. As you have probably noticed, many buyers are businesses or non-private users. Competition among businesses has given them an unfair advantage over the rest of the users. As a result, Kijiji has constantly been updating its posting policies. Today we will discuss these posting policies and what you should NOT do on Kijiji.

You can review the Kijiji posting policies here: https://help.kijiji.ca/helpdesk/basics/kijiji-terms-of-use#web.




Kijiji’s goal is to maintain a fair marketplace for all sellers and buyers. You may think: “Oh, I can make a Kijiji account for other ads that I want to run.” But you are going to get yourself in trouble.

Some sellers are trying to cheat the system and get away with lower advertising costs by creating multiple accounts. One of them is avoiding inception fees in some categories. Each category allows only a certain number of free ads, and “clever” sellers are creating more accounts to post more free ads in those categories.

Creating multiple accounts should NEVER  be considered by a business; Kijiji will eventually place a permanent ban on your business account, preventing your content from posting.

Solution: We suggest that you contact Myadcenter, and together, we will find the best possible scenario for your business to achieve your advertising goals – in a completely legitimate way.




Many Kijii sellers believe that if they post the same ad many times, more buyers will see their ad and get more calls. The truth is that this strategy used to work on Kijiji many years ago before they introduced Admarkt. This strategy is no longer the case. Admarkt ads now appear on the first page of Kijiji, regardless of their posting times and how often other sellers post on the same page. Posting the same ad many times per day will result in the suspension of your account and possibly a permanent ban.

Solution:  Find a sweet spot where your ads work your business without spamming Kijiji. Of course, never forget to focus on content and show your unique value proposition.




Kijiji has been refining and perfecting the category sections to provide optimal searchability. “Clever” sellers try to post their ads in categories not relevant to their product, but that may not be interesting to the users who browse those categories. It is another “don’t.”

For example, a service provider posted a mortgage service ad in the category where other sellers list their Homes for Sale. The user posted the ad not where it belongs. This strategy works for a short time, and once Kijiji system filters find that ad – they will suspend or terminate the seller’s account instantly.

Another example is that a user can post on Kijiji laptop services in the Buy & Sell Electronics ad section expecting the users to contact her ad. However, she will be disappointed with the results since her ad is not targeting the right customers. The user will get a lower volume of calls and replies than the ads posted in the correct category.


Solution: It is essential to stay relevant to the category or keep your ads relevant. We always suggest checking for the best keywords and categories through Google. You can contact Myadcenter to improve your ad performance. We do provide ad-optimization in all of our Service plans.


We hope that you found our article helpful. If you did see that your account may be violating Kijiji policies, we kindly invite you to give us a call so we can find a solution to your situation. 

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