Like any other online service platform, Myadcenter requires users to have an active subscription in order to render the services. Many businesses out there use complex payment systems which is why we pride ourselves on our simple and well-designed payment platform.

We understand that the topic of payment is not the most exciting, but having the proper system in place is crucial. This is because it helps to avoid delays in service due to miscommunication and unpaid invoices. We take full responsibility for keeping your account active with minimal interruptions.



As part of our commitment, we treat every user equally when it comes to processing payments. We provide you with many options including various payment intervals and methods in order to fit your business needs.

For example, we have customers who prefer to pay from their PayPal account every quarter and others who prefer payments to come out from their Visa Debit card. We will help ensure that you find the most convenient payment plan for you. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have a payment plan in mind that is not listed on our dashboard.



If you have been using Myadcenter for the last 6 months, you will likely be using our services for the rest of the year. Since we are not asking you to commit to a contract or choose a plan with a set term, we will provide you with a discount in exchange for your commitment. The discount is automatically calculated and applied to your account at checkout. You can see that based on the term that you have selected your total cost will change. Also, you can see how much you will save when purchasing the quarter or annual service plans.



We believe that communication is the key to successful business relationships which is why we want you to be aware of upcoming costs ahead of time. Our goal is to increase transparency and make it easier for you to manage your payments. Our system sends out email notifications at the most critical times of the term so that all of our users are aware of upcoming charges. We have seen a tremendous decrease in the number of cases where users missed weekends and advertising days because they were unaware that their service has been suspended.



We understand that you may occasionally want to take some time off for a vacation or family trip. Regardless of your reason, you may want to place your ad, group of ads, or your entire account on a pause. You can simply stop the service on one of your ads by changing the Active (Scheduled) status to “Paused”. In this case, your ads will not be included in ad management service. If you decide to take a break and return after one month, you may want to contact Myadcenter Support and request to manually place the account on Pause. We can keep an ad paused for up to 30 days before applying Reconnection fees.



Our approach to billing has recently changed as well. The new system now requires you to make your first payment in the dashboard or use the link in Billing Reminders. Once you make your first payment, our system will be synced with your payment method and your service plan automatically renewed on the next payment date. If you will have questions regarding your first payment, please contact Myadcenter Support.


We hope that we were able to answer a few of your questions regarding our new payment system. We are constantly working on providing you with more value and better functionality.

If you will have any questions, concerns or require support, please call us at 1-888-676-7866 (MON-FRI 9-5)