How to Take Advantage of Myadcenter Dashboard and Unleash The Power of Posting Service for Kijiji

by | Dec 16, 2018 | Ad Management

We welcome you at Myadcenter and here we are going to talk about the first steps that you need to take to make your campaign a success. Posting Service for Kijiji from Myadcenter will allow your ads to get up to 500% more exposure. Let’s start.


STEP#1: Getting Your Posting Account Ready


 Our system is designed to help you organise and automate your time consuming tasks. Those tasks can be related to distributing your online advertising content or simply managing your ad progress. You need to let us know exactly where we are going to distribute your content. Also, we will need to know what content to distribute.  So let’s start with basics for posting service for Kijiji.

Your posting account is ultimately a gateway to the place where you would like to promote your ads. Your Kijiji account or Facebook account can be called posting accounts. We need to get your authorization to access your accounts. You will also be required to provide your credentials or sign in with Facebook express access. Don’t worry, you will remain in control over the authorization of your accounts at all times. You can access your accounts authorization in our dashboard under Accounts.


STEP#2: Syncing Your Posting Account with Myadcenter


Your next step will be to import the ads from your account to Myadcenter. This is a simple process and requires only a few clicks. Our importer will copy the ads from posting account to Myadcenter.

Go to Ads tab and click on Import button. Now you can select from what account you wish to import ads. After you will be required to select the ad that you want to Sync with Myadcenter. Once the ad was Synced, you can Edit or Schedule the ad for promotion. If you have not completed the previous step, the Sync wont work and you will get an error message. In order to activate 7 day trial for posting service for Kijiji, you will need an account and existing ads.


STEP#3:  Activate Your Ads with Scheduled Promotion

This is where the fun begins! You can active the ad by clicking on your ad Action button (located on the left of the ad). An inactive ad will have a Start button.  You can activate ad by clicking on Schedule button on function controls. Alternatively, you can post the ad one time by pressing Post Now button. The action button will change to Promoting when the ad is being posted. It may take up to 15 minutes to completely publish your ad.

You may choose to post your ad at a later time. Go to Schedule and selecting appropriate an scheduling mode. There are two modes: Page and Date and Time. You can read more about scheduling strategies here. for posting service for Kijiji.


Page Mode – will promote your ad when it will fall under certain page on Kijiji. Other ads on Kijiji or Craigslist will slowly push your ad down from the first page. After some time, your ad will end up on pass page 30. Your ad will stop getting as much exposure as it used to do. Page Scheduler will track your ad position and promote it only when it is necessary. 

Date and Time Mode – will promote your at a specific time of the day or future date. You can select a preferred posting time and add set the system to repeat it daily. If you want your ads to be posted on a specific date or the day of the week. You can select  “Pick your own dates” and select the date or the day of the week. Click Repeat if you want the system to post your ad on the same day of the week every other week.

Please note that our Support Specialist may moderate your posting times at any time. We want to make sure that you will not over-post. The over-posting is considered spamming and it is being prosecuted on most classifieds platforms. Please read more here on what NOT to do.


STEP#4: Your Ads Are Now Active! It is Time To Focus on Your Business


Now your ads are active and you can focus on the things that matter the most. Don’t forget to check Myadcenter once a while. You may want to be sure that all of your ads are working well and active. Our Support Specialists will monitoring your ads and making sure that all your ads are up and running.

When you visit Myadcenter next time, you can easily see that your ads are active by checking its Posting Status. It is located under the title section of each ad. It should say Active with a posting time. The posting time indicates when your ad was posted. You also can click on Active status to view your ad on the posting platform.

 You can find one of your ads with a Black status that says Error.  It means that we had a problem when your ad was posting. You can see more information on your Error status by clicking on Error message. You can try solving the Error yourself or you can press Get Support or press Chat to contact us.


STEP#5: Monitor Your Ad Progress with Views & Replies


We will collect Views and Replies from your ads and present them to you.  You can see Views, Replies, and Page position of your ads on the dashboard. You can find them on the right bottom corner of your ad sections. You can click on Views or Replies to switch between Total number and Collected since the last promotion. Use these numbers to understand what location, category or ad copy performs better than others.

We hope that you have enjoyed our article and it helped you to make first steps with Myadcenter. If you will have any questions regarding our posting service for Kijiji or Myadcenter dashboard, email us at 

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