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Need a new website or landing page
to promote your business?

Today’s website design services are aimed at creating websites or landing pages that engage with its visitors. Functionality that tracks, engages, connects and collects visitor information has become a norm in website design. Unleash the power of knowing who is your audience using the latest website designs from Myadcenter.

  • Attract more new customers with professional web design
  • Convert new website visitors into your subscribers
  • Turn your subscribers into customers with web marketing tools
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Need an ad posting service for Kijiji?

Post, track, repost with Myadcenter!

…and save 99% of your time

Hundreds of our clients were tired of constantly posting ads on Kijiji. Posting, editing and tracking ads on Kijiji can indeed be a challenging and repetitive task. With Myadcenter, you will get complete ad posting service for Kijiji online classifieds.

Our comprehensive service completely manages your ad posting, promotion, and tracking.  Once you start our 7-day FREE TRIAL, you will see how much more free time you will have to focus on your business. Don’t wait, start your 7-day FREE TRIAL right now!

  • Get more exposure from free and paid ads
  • Get daily leads, calls and emails from new customers
  • Chat and Email support
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Masterpiece Pay Per Click Campaigns

Sound Pay Per Click campaigns

New customers within 30 days

Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google & Kijiji Admarkt

We analyze, track, and improve your ad daily performance

Use banner & display ads for instant customer engagement

Pay Per Click Campaign
Everything genius is simple
$199.99 /month
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google ads
  • Banner Advertising
  • Kijiji Admrkt
advertising on Facebook_myadcenter_kijiji_facebook_google_advertising
advertising on Facebook_myadcenter_kijiji_facebook_google_advertising
Creative Digital Ads
Tell the world your story in the style
$99.99 /ad
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, Kijiji Ads
Head-turning Digital Creative Services

Turn heads with Creative Services
Attract 5X more new customers

We create digital ads for Facebook, Google and Kijiji

Design, animate or copywrite ads to attract more clients

Refresh the look of your website, Facebook or Google+

Small Branding Refresh
Being different and always changing
$299.99 /package
  • Logo Design
  • Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn Covers
  • Copywriting
advertising on Facebook_myadcenter_kijiji_facebook_google_advertising

360° online advertising solution
Ultimate online exposure

Your online advertising is our business

Over 8,000 ads. Over 400+ clients

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Guaranteed Results
Existing Clients
94% Customer Retention

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